Cravings: Plaka Gyro at Plaka Grill

A series on some of the best dishes around NoVA.


Plaka Gyro at Plaka Grill
Photo by Molly Jacob

By: Molly Jacob

Dish: The Plaka gyro, the restaurant’s signature dish, stuffed with french fries, lamb, onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce, $8.00.

Where: Plaka Grill, 110 Lawyers Rd NW, Vienna.

Taste: The meat-to-bread ratio is a heavenly balance–they’re not shy about heaping on the lamb, but it doesn’t overwhelm the soft pita that soaks up both the savory juices from the meat and the tzatziki sauce. The creamy, dill-infused sauce balances out the spicy seasoning of the fries, and the lamb manages to stay chewy, yet still crispy.