Cravings: Garlicky Herbed Oil at Taverna Cretekou

A series on our favorite things to eat in NoVA.

Photo by Stefanie Gans

Dish: Bread with parsley and garlic oil, free.

Where: Taverna Cretekou, 818 King St.,  Alexandria

Taste: I’m more of a butter fan, to be honest, but this spin on oil and bread begged for repeated helpings. The green tinged oil is bright and pungent, with what my server—who looked like the handsome and Greek would-be adult son of Jackie and the O—says is made with “very, very finely minced” parsley and garlic. The hyperbole of the double “very” doesn’t capture the mere flecks of the herb. The oil remains smooth, not chunky, and the soft bread absorbs it all. 

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