13 Restaurant No-Nos That Shouldn’t Exist After 2013

Our restaurant resolutions and tired trends best left forgotten.

Photo courtesy of Snvv/Shutterstock.com


– The repeated use of “housemade” on menus

– Hard, cold butter

– Vibrating discs or texting to let you know when your table is available

– Sriracha squiggles

– You can have a fall menu without pumpkin spice

– Salted caramel everything

– Deconstructed anything. It’s a restaurant, not Legoland

– Sushi in non-sushi restaurants

– Foie gras with anything but foie gras (don’t need it on a  burger or mac n cheese)

– Charging for the bread basket

– Doughnuts for the sake of having a trendy treat

– The small plate trend … with each small plate costing the same as an entree

– Out of season fruit as dessert garnish (no one eats that strawberry next to the chocolate lava cake)

– Chocolate lava cake


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(December 2013)