New Diet? No Problem: Where To Eat To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

New vegetarians, paleos, raw dieters and gluten-free eaters, have no fear.

Katerina Belaya /

Suddenly committing to a new diet at the start of the year can be hard, but these Northern Virginia restaurants can help accommodate your new choices.

Vegetarian/Vegan – Amma Vegetarian Kitchen
While the mango lassi might be off-limits for vegans, the creaminess in dips such as the spicy chutney comes from coconut milk, giving it deceptively cheesy hints. The chutney comes with the crepes or dosas. Go for the chole batthura that looks like a bread balloon and comes with a bowl of warm, hearty chickpeas. /Amma Vegetarian Kitchen344 Maple Ave. E, Vienna.

Paleolithic Diet – Green Pig Bistro
Truly channel the Paleolithic human by savoring every part of the animal. Green Pig’s emphasis on offal and choices such as the kung pao sweetbreads or bone marrow accommodate the pre-historically inspired diet. Most of the main courses feature vegetables in conjunction with the star protein, making it a welcoming establishment for the wheat-less. / Green Pig Bistro, 1025 North Fillmore Street, Arlington. 

Raw Food Diet – South Block Café
With an emphasis on organic and healthy food, South Block Café also offers an entire selection of Acai bowls made using almond milk rather than anything from animals.  /South Block Café, 3011 11th Street, Arlington.