Hungry for Linkage: Beer in Mason Jars + Introducing the Crogal + BYOC

… With a brunch idea too.

David Huntley Creative/

Worried you won’t kill that growler of craft brew before it turns stale? Spacebar in Falls Church offers fill-ups in this decade’s most hyped and loathed vessel: mason jars. [WBJ]

There’s a new croissant monster in town: Meet the crogal, a croissant shaped like a bagel, then boiled and baked. [Gothamist]

No more cupcake-shaming under a secret identity as a Virginia court rules that Yelpers must reveal their identity. [Eater]

BYOC is now a thing (the ‘C’ is cannabis) as the Colorado food world embraces stoned diners. [Denver Post]

Bill and Elena support J. Gilbert’s in McLean for brunch, with its ” limitless buffet of seafood with a variety of smoked and fresh fish” and “fantastic chocolate fountain.”  [B&ENVRB]