Cross-Cultural Coffee: LoCo Joe Now Offers $7 Geisha

Craft coffee with international flair comes to Purcellville.

Photo Courtesy of LoCo Joe

Craft coffee is the new craft beer and LoCo Joe in Purcellville is now offering the famed Geisha coffee. A well-traveled bean, the Geisha has made a home for itself in three different parts of the world. Originating in the Gesha region of Ethiopia, this coffee was later discovered as an excellent candidate for the altitude and climate conditions in Panama. Geisha thus propagated in Central America on a small farm known as Santa Teresa, and came to the U.S. for roasting under Ceremony Coffee Roasters. Santa Teresa’s unique origin and cultivation placed the coffee on the international radar, winning fourth place in the Best of Panama coffee contest. Geisha became available yesterday at LoCo Joe in Purcellville (it made an appearance last year as well, but sold out), and depending upon the roasters, its stay is estimated for the next couple of months. 

LoCo Joe barista Chris Dodson attributes the quality of the bean to how it is grown, bought, and sold in small, fresh crops. Additionally, the coffee is roasted locally, promising a fresher bean. Dodson explains how “it’s kind of like fruit—you can do what you can to preserve it, but there’s nothing better than the fresh thing”—an interesting comparison, as he describes the dominant flavor as akin to Fruit Loops.

Be warned, however: A cup of Geisha goes for $7. Recognizing the potential for “sticker shock,” Dodson began by introducing the coffee to seasoned coffee drinkers who came in often, and from there it’s brewing its own following: even several D.C. cafes are serving the coffee varietal in the coming months. The Geisha is prepared using the Chemex  pour over method and brewed by the cup, ensuring that every nuance of Fruit Loop flavor is represented. / LoCo Joe, 550 E. Main St. Purcellville