Arrivederci, Italian Market and Deli

NoVA bids farewell to the Italian Market and Deli in Merrifield.

By: Natalie Manitius

Igor Dutina/

Pistachio-laden mortadella and baby octopi will no longer grace the aisles of this Merrifield shop. The nascent Italian Market and Deli, opened last September, bid NoVA adieu on Feb. 3.

MHG Group, which runs the complex, plans to replace the concept with Merrifield Wine and Food Bar. Wood-fired pizzas, salads and subs that formerly inhabited the location will make way for retail wine, beer and cheese. The shift is intended to complement the company’s adjacent restaurants, Open Road Grill & Icehouse and Trio Grill. 

Merrifield Wine and Beer is currently under construction and will open its doors this March. / 8100 Lee Highway, Falls Church