Hungry for Linkage: Sriracha demystified + Silver Diner Makeover + Vitamin C Health Kick

Food news to accompany your Presidents’ Day holiday.

By: Natalie Manitius

Happy Presidents’ Day! Military personnel get free all-you-can-eat hotcakes at Bob Evans. [Patch]

The Sriracha sauce factory recently opened its doors to the public, revealing the magic for its adoring fans. [FoodBeast]

Shake up your winter dinner repertoire with the versatile Brussels sprouts. [WSJ]

Silver Diner is getting a classy makeover in Bethesda. [Bizjournals]

Grab some OJ: Vitamin C may be an antidote to getting a stroke. [WTOP]

Foodie photographers, beware: French chefs demand that customers stop snapping pictures of their creations. [Eater]

Tyson’s Wildfire is hosting a Napa vs. Sonoma face-off tomorrow evening. Pay a pretty penny and have a meal paired with different wines for each course. [Thelistareyouonit]