Hungry for Linkage: Fried Chicken at Trummer’s + Carla Hall at Reagan National + Chocolate Cake at Home

Links to start your week.

Fried Chicken & Biscuits / Photo Courtesy of Trummer's on Main

The introduction of fried chicken and biscuits ($22) adds to the Trummer’s on Main-going-casual trend. Burger Bar pop-up starts next month.

Carla Hall, of “The Chew” and “Top Chef” fame, helps design a Southern restaurant at Reagan National Airport. [Eater]

Manasass Restaurant Week continues through Saturday with $25 and $35 three-course dinner specials. 

Officially stop holding your breathe for The Taco Place in Arlandria. [The Arlandrian]

With freezing weather returning, baking a cake in a mug is probably a good idea. [Table for Two]