Hungry for Linkage: Pizza Steals the Oscars + Easter Candy + Ramen Taco

Links for a snowy Monday.

Nuttapol Noprujikul/

By Stefanie Gans

The biggest star of the Oscars: Pizza. [ABC]

Sweet Belly Cookie was supposed to start a pop-up shop with coffee, cookies and scones at Twisted Vines in Arlington from 8 a.m. to noon today. But check back Thursday. [FB]

The DMV Food Truck Association is holding a contest for a new logo. The winner scores 70 free lunches, one from every truck in the association. 

The ramen burger is over. It is now the ramen taco. [Endless Simmer]

It may be snowing, but shelves already made room for new Easter candy. [The Impulsive Buy]