Corcoran Brewing Company Moves to Boozy Purcellville

Corcoran Brewing Company reopens late March in its new Purcellville location.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Bills

By Natalie Manitius

Purcellville will soon welcome Corcoran Brewing Company as the latest addition to the town’s craft drink community of Adroit Theory Brewing Company and Catoctin Creek Distilling Company. Formerly located in Waterford on the same property as Corcoran Vineyards, the brewery closed in December and will reopen in its new location March 29 at 11 a.m. 

In the new location, the brewery transitions from inhabiting a former farm house to occupying the backside of a shared medical office building.  Once characterized by a tranquil country setting, the new spot will be much larger to accommodate the growing craft beer craze. Metal walls will overtake the former wooden ones, as the new space adopts a more industrial look. To pay respects to their farmhouse beginnings, Corcoran will affix the former barn door to the new interior. Additional aesthetic adjustments include a new outdoor turf patio and a nature preserve as a neighbor. 

As for the beer prep, the Purcellville outpost will employ a 10-barrel system, an upgrade from the former three and a half barrel. Additionally, the space boasts seven fermenters and will age beers using bourbon barrels from A. Smith Bowman Distillery. For a real-time infusion, Corcoran will use Dogfish Head Brewery’s creation called the randall. The filter holds hops, fruit and other flavor enhancers. The randall attaches to a tap and infuses the beer at the time of the pour. 

Brewmaster and co-owner Kevin Bills has a broad lineup of beers ready for opening. On par with the brewery’s locavore theme, Corcoran will offer a John Champe Barleywine, named in honor of the revolutionary soldier and NoVA native who was commissioned as a double agent under George Washington. The barleywine will be made in the English style, which bears more “grassy and earthy hops” when compared to its American citrusy counterpart, Bills says. Another spring newcomer is the Waterford Wit, a wheat-based beer brewed with orange and coriander. Bills will also offer five different IPAs along with the P’ville Pale, Indian Pale Lager and Corky’s Irish Red and hopes to start canning and bottling in the future. / 205 East Hirst Road, Suite 105, Purcellville