Bombay Curry Company to Reopen in Del Ray by April

Indian neighborhood restaurant moves up a block on Del Ray’s Mount Vernon Avenue.

Photo courtesy of Balraj Bahsin.

By Evan Milberg

Bombay Curry Company, which closed in 2011 due to renovations of the Calvert Building at 3110 Mount Vernon Ave., is set to reopen by April, according to owner Balraj Bahsin. The restaurant did not move far: its new location is 2607 Mount Vernon Ave. 

“We decided that because we had served the neighborhood and gotten to know the people in the neighborhood for 18 years or so, it might be prudent to continue that relationship” says Bahsin, who came to the United States from New Delhi in 1986. “We could have opened elsewhere, but we thought it might work better in the area.” 

The restaurant is going through remodeling and final inspections and is still working on new signage. Bahsin, who also owns Delhi Club in Clarendon, says the menu will stay the same, though he is looking at adding new items later this year. While most of the staff will be new with the re-opening, Sebastian Gonsalvez, who has been with the restaurant since 1997, will again work in the kitchen. While Bombay Curry Company was closed, Gonsalvez cooked at a small restaurant in Maryland.