Lease Signed for Curry Mantra 4 London Curry House in Alexandria

A new Curry Mantra and a one year anniversary celebration for Curry Mantra 2.

Mango Salad at Curry Mantra 3 / Photo by Erick Gibson

By Stefanie Gans

Last March, Gut Check reported: “Asad Sheikh is on the prowl.” And the owner of the Curry Mantra family of restaurants hasn’t stopped. This week Sheikh signed a lease for Curry Mantra 4 London Curry House to open in Alexandriaoff Duke Street across from Landmark Mall

After multiple trips to London last year, Sheikh discovered the difference between the curries made in this country and London-style curries. “The dishes might be the same,” says Sheikh, “but the taste is completely different. They use a lot of spice, not heat-spice, but very aromatic.” Although Shiekh also found London-made curries spicier than those here. 

Planned for an August debut, London Curry House will be the biggest Curry Mantra yet: 5,000 square feet with 170 seats. The first Curry Mantra opened in Fairfax three years ago, Curry Mantra 2 in Falls Church opened in March 2013 and Curry Mantra 3 opened in Vienna last September. To celebrate the first anniversary of Curry Mantra 2, Sheikh is offering complimentary lunch and dinner to all guests this Sunday.