Hungry for Linkage: Bulletproof Coffee + Edible Cookbook + Maple Ave’s Wings Recipe

Monday links.

Photos by Stefanie Gans

By Stefanie Gans

Bulletproof Coffee
Ever since I read about Shailene Woodley‘s adoration for bulletproof coffee in Food & Wine, I started to investigate about this concoction of coffee, butter and coconut oil. I learned it’s big in the Paleo community from a friend who drinks it every morning, and sent me a link to The Bulletproof Executive. We tried it in the office twice so far, once with coconut oil (we used Carrington Farm’s cold-pressed Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil) and butter and another time with just butter, or rather, ghee (we used Organic India). 

From our editor, Lynn: “It smells like it would be an indulgent cup of coffee, but I don’t even get a coffee taste. It’s tasteless.” 

From our fashion and beauty writer, Angela (or Bobes, as I call her): “It smells really great, but after a couple of sips, you feel sick.”

As for me, my lips feel buttery. Completely slick, more so than when I spread Aquaphor on every morning. Once blended, the coffee  turns frothy and for those  first few sips, I’m happy. It smells beachy with all that coconut oil. But the fats soon separate (I’m a slow drinker) and it looks like there’s an oil spill in my morning sustenance. Like Bobes, I felt sick on my first try. Maybe too much fat in the morning, which is the whole point of bulletproof: get your fat in the beginning of the day so your body doesn’t crave it later. All I know is I still snatched a cookie before noon. 

But I’m still on the lookout for a NoVA coffee shop that makes bulletproof, especially thinking it’ll make it better than I. Leave a comment if you know where we can find it.

Cinco de Mayo special at Willow: chicken tacos with mole sauce  and pork tacos with mango-ancho salsa; 2 for $6 or 3 for $10.

Better than Buffalo: Tim Ma‘s (of Maple Ave Restaurant and Water & Wall) creme fraiche wings. [WaPo]

An edible cookbook. [Korefe, via @bekahlowe

Adventure Brewing Company announces open date: May 17. [Twitter] 

Restaurant employee illegally returns invasive snakehead fish back to water. [Potomac Local]