Cravings: Tagliatelle and Meatballs at Ozzie’s

A series on our favorite dishes in Northern Virginia.

Photo by Stefanie Gans

By Stefanie Gans

Dish: Tagliatelle and meatballs, $12 (lunch)

Where: Ozzie’s
11880 Grand Commons Ave., Fairfax

Taste: Before it’s too hot. Before a bowl of comfort consists of ice cream, instead of pasta, live once more through twirls of carbohydrates. At Ozzie’s, inside a nest of noodles, tender meatballs, a mix of veal, pork and beef, are graced with a sheen of marinara. It’s simple. It’s solid. It’s an excuse to load the plate with parm. It’s one last meal before summer strikes. 

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