Blue Sea Seafood Closes for Two Weeks; Brings in New Chef, New Menu

Shirlington restaurant temporarily closes.

Photo by Stefanie Gans

With only a sign taped to the front window—no Facebook post, no Twitter update, not even a mention on the websiteBlue Sea Seafood & Bar quietly announced its two-week closing, which started yesterday. The Shirlington restaurant, which debuted in early April, is set to reopen June 16 with a new chef and an updated, more seafood-focused menu.

“It’s kind of voluntary closing for us,” says Tony Ye, vice president for the restaurant’s parent company Blue Seafood Service Incorporation. Along with ushering in the Executive Chef Robert Alexander, Ye stressed the time will also be used to “reorganize our kitchen and to train our waitstaff.” 

The menu will move more specifically to sea-based fish—mahi mahi, snow crab, lobster—and away from animals living in rivers and lakes. Ye says, for instance, the Cajun catfish nuggets will no longer be available. “We just did okay business, but the owners were not satisfied with the mediocrity,” says Ye. “We want a more successful reopening.”

Zoom-in of note:

Photo by Stefanie Gans