Bye-Bye Bethenny Frankel, There’s a New Skinny Wine in Town: Virginia Winemarket Debuts B-Thin Light Pinot Gris

The first light wine debuts from Round Hill’s Bogati Bodega & Vineyard.

Photo Courtesy of Bogati Bodega and Vineyard

 “Where else have you heard of a patented light wine?” asked Jim Bogarty, owner of Bogati Bodega & Vineyard in Round Hill.

B-Thin is the newest wine from Bogati and is also the first patent-pending light wine in Virginia, says Bogarty. Despite the perk of being lower in calories—just under 100 per glass, the same as Bethenny Frankel‘s line of Skinnygirl wines—the light pinot gris doesn’t sacrifice for a full-bodied flavor, says Bogarty: it has “full flavor, great taste and a nice finish.”

According to Bogarty most light wines currently on the market are made using an extractive process: this reverse osmosis takes the alcohol out of the wine and as a result, says Bogarty, creates a bland flavor. Unlike these other light wines, Bogarty says that his wine is made using an “additive process that uses the original taste [of the grapes]. Instead this process takes nothing out of the product,” and hovers at 10 percent alcohol.

Bogarty, also the owner of Berryville‘s Veramar Vineyard, suggests pairing the wine with spicy food like Thai, creating a balance between the cool, fruity flavor of the wine and the spicier accents of the dish. / Bogati Bodega & Vineyard, 35246 Harry Byrd Highway, Round Hill.