Hungry for Linkage: Tech Servers + Dolcezza Gelato by Mail + Tomato Juice and Flying

What is it about tomato juice and flying?

Virginia Bounty collection by Dolcezza / Photo by Farrah Skeiky

By Stefanie Gans

Vienna scores a burger joint set to open in September, Social Burger. [Burger Days]

The age of high-tech, low-touch service at restaurants. Example: Arlington‘s upcoming Pizza Vinoteca. “Each table at Pizza Vinoteca will feature an iPad that not only acts as a menu and ordering system, but also allows you to determine how fast you want your food to come out and how much attention you want from the server. If you’re looking for some privacy, for example, you can opt for limited waitstaff interruptions.” [WCP] 

Starting today, Dolcezza offers gelato and sorbetto by mail: $60 for four pints

Now on Kickstarter, Prep & Serve: A multi-unit device transports ingredients separately for better salad-making at the office or on a picnic. 

Brunch and lunch deals at Ashby Inn. Summer! 

Two confessions. One, I didn’t listen to the audio. Two, I had no idea everyone else felt the same way about tomato juice and flying. [Slate]

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