New pop-up: Salt | Bagel from Bagel Uprising and Number 1 Sons

This temporary shop will operate out of the Dairy Godmother’s Del Ray storefront.

In 30 minutes, Bagel Uprising can sell out of the 500 or so bagels it brings to the Four Mile Run Farmers and Artisans Market. On Jan. 20, 1,500 is the new number to beat.

Owner Chad Breckinridge is teaming up with Number 1 Sons, the fermenters behind pickles, krauts, kimchis and more, to open a six-week pop-up in Del Ray.

Operating out of the closed-for-winter Dairy Godmother space, Salt | Bagel will sell plain, sesame, poppy, salt and everything bagels, though “nothing swirly,” says Breckinridge, a self-proclaimed bagel purist. Housemade spreads include the classic flavors (plain, salmon, veggie) plus a few choices using mix-ins from Number 1 Sons’ pickled products. There will also be a featured sandwich of the day and jarred goods from Number 1 Sons.

The shop opens at 8 a.m. and closes when the bagels sell out, though with an on-site kitchen, Breckinridge has the option of producing multiple batches throughout the day.

With a full-time job, a family and a mortgage, could a bagel shop be in Breckinridge’s future? He says this experiment will help him figure out if it’s a viable concept. Says Breckinridge, “I dream about that pretty much every night.” // Opening Jan. 20, Salt | Bagel @ Dairy Godmother: 2310 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria

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