During the month of Ramadan, here is where to feast after your fast

Food is at the center of almost every religious occasion, and these restaurants make sure that Ramadan’s sunset breaking of the fast is no exception.

Many of us begin our day with breakfast, but during the month of Ramadan, many will eat breakfast after the sun sets.

Ramadan occurs during the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, going on now through June 24, and is observed through fasting from sunrise to sundown. The meal after sunset is called iftar, which means breakfast in Arabic. Here are a few restaurants in Northern Virginia with Ramadan specials.

Aldeerah is temporarily changing its hours and staying open from noon to midnight (and not serving lunch or brunch). Otherwise the menu of Saudi Arabian fare—such as chicken or lamb kabsa along with their daily specials like Tuesday’s magloobah, which is a dish of layered chicken, vegetables and rice—remains the same. // 262 Cedar Lane SE, Vienna 

For Zaaki, the focus of its offerings is the buffet, which opens at sunset, featuring a variety of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods like kabsa, makluba, kabobs and gyros. // 6020 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church

Rice kibbeh

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Granada Café
Granada Café is not changing its hours, but there is a special iftar buffet from 8:15-10 p.m. The buffet will change each night with items like kabssah rice with lamb and borghool with grilled chicken and will also include dates, traditionally eaten at the beginning of each meal during the month of Ramadan. // 368 Elden St., Herndon 

Saba’s hours shift this month, opening at noon and not closing until 3 a.m. The iftar buffet starts at sunset, or around 8:30 p.m. Dishes available include haneeth, chicken mandi and saltah. // 3900 Pickett Road, Fairfax

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Marib Restaurant
Marib, like many other restaurants observing Ramadan, has changed its hours: noon through midnight. The iftar buffet rotates daily with the regular menu still available with chicken and lamb mandi as well as a traditional Yemini stew called saltah. // 6981 Hechinger Drive, Springfield 

Photo Courtesy of Levant
Photo Courtesy of Levant

Levant Restaurant
During the temporary hours of 4 p.m. to 4 a.m., Levant is providing a buffet filled with chicken and beef shawarma and Iraqi okra stew. Desserts include a wide range of dishes such as cream pudding and kufana. // 8411 Old Courthouse Road, Tysons Corner