Naughty Girls Donut Shop and Cafe is going national but will first open shops in Sterling and Georgetown

The Front Royal-based doughnut shop is planning an expansion in major cities across the country.

Naughty Girls Donut Shops
Natalie and Tiana Ramos / Photo courtesy of Naughty Girls Donut Shops

What started off as a small doughnut shop in Front Royal is now expanding into a national enterprise.

Mother-and-daughter team Natalie and Tiana Ramos founded Naughty Girls Donut Shop in June 2015. This pinup-inspired bakery is known for its unconventional theme and has received criticism over the years for the provocative name and logo.

This spring, Naughty Girls announced SNM Global Holdings, a company that specializes in media and entertainment, bought Naughty Girls. Under SNM Global, Naughty Girls will open in Sterling and Georgetown in September and then in Batimore, Philadelphia, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

With the relaunch, the new shops will now be full-scale restaurants with liquor licenses, says Natalie, and a “Johnny Rockets feel” with entrees of classic comfort food such as Southern fried chicken with gravy on a doughnut, doughnut breakfast sandwiches and classic American food incorporating doughnuts as well.

A wider menu of doughnuts will include vegan and gluten-free options with flavors like raspberry molten lava, blood orange creme brulee and purple black chocolate. The drunkin donuts line includes chunky monkey with bacon vodka and banana liqueur, salted vanilla caramel with fleur del sel, salted caramel Baileys and homemade vanilla-infused vodka. There’s also a plan for beer and wine doughnut flights.

With no locations currently open—both the original Front Royal storefront and one in Potomac Mills Mall closed—the team looks forward to taking Naughty Girls to the national level.

“This is going to be a Front Royal doughnut shop multiplied by 10,” Natalie says.