Hot Open: The Pit Stop in Sterling

Plus, new restaurants planned for Alexandria’s waterfront—and more food world news.

The Pit Stop / Photo by Stefanie Gans
The Pit Stop / Photo by Stefanie Gans

How early must one get to The Pit Stop’s new location in Sterling to try out brisket?

I wouldn’t know. I missed it when I got there before 1 p.m., less than two hours after it opened, earlier this week.

Everyone has a favorite barbecue order, especially in Northern Virginia, where most shops don’t focus on a particular geography-based identity, and instead smoke and flavor meat however they see fit.

Brisket is how I judge a place. A fatty, smoky slice. I was a sad girl at the counter.

We placed our order and I thought about trying the wings, but hey, we already had plenty of food coming. The woman at the register asked if we wanted to try; the chef is happy to give a sample wing. I understand the confidence.

The chef knows even if he gives out a free fried wing, crispy and salty and peppery and damn near perfect, one will not be enough. // The Pit Stop: 46230 Cranston St., Sterling

News, events, etc.

Alexandria Restaurant Partners continues its growth in the city with three new concepts headed to the waterfront. [Alexandria Living]

Pollos Keioko, a South American chicken chain, opened its first U.S. location in Vienna. [Tysons Reporter]

“Knowing that my dogs may be walked by a business that holds chickens in a windowless room before their throats are slit while fully conscious does not make me feel that my dogs are in a safe environment.” [Washingtonian]

Smoking Kow will open another location, this time in Arlington. [Arlington Magazine]

Scandals: Mark Bittman launched a food magazine with Medium. It’s named Salty. But there is another magazine named Salty (with a similar logo) for “sex and body positive women, trans and non binary people” and the older, white man will now change the name. [The Washington Post]

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