Silver Diner’s launch of new vegan items lost in Bryce Harper’s Instagram homage

Plus, Mister Days closes in Clarendon—and more food world news.

Photo courtesy of Silver Diner

Breakfast-all-day never gets enough attention, and this week, it was Silver Diner who basked in the glow of press, thanks to Bryce Harper.

The former Nationals players was in town with his new squad, the first time wearing a Philadelphia Phillies jersey. His message on Instagram thanking his original home team sparked attention in the food world, when Harper mentioned a desperate trio of favorite spots: “The city of DC was home,” he wrote. “Filomena’s, The Silver Diner, The Italian store, and countless other places helped make it feel like home.”

The Washington Post‘s Tim Carman wrote, “Harper’s affection for the Silver Diner may be the first sign that a human heart beats inside that hard body of his. … Harper’s fondness for the Silver Diner feels genuine. Who would go out of his way to promote a small diner chain, even one that likes to brag about its corporate chef and its local sourcing?”

In another Post article, Silver Diner acknowledged him as one of their own: “Servers at the restaurant told higher-ups afterward that it was one of his regular haunts after night games.” They also took the opportunity to name-drop another local sports star who loves a cushy diner booth: Alex Ovechkin.

Taking advantage of the free press, Silver Diner sent out a press release about new food offerings this week. Turning 30 this year, the diner moves into the future with 12 new vegan dishes: tofu banh mi, tofu and lentils, and mac and cheese with meatless meatballs and tempeh bacon with a vegan cheese sauce. The team also brought back five classics, including fried shrimp and chicken Parmesan. Silver Diner will also open a location in Alexandria’s West End.

Luckily, there’s a Silver Diner in the Philly suburb of Cherry Hill, the only location outside of the DMV. Harper probably already knows this.

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