Find Cadbury Creme Eggs inside croissants at Purcellville’s Petite Loulou

Plus, Meridian Pint will move to Arlington—and more food world news.

Growing up as a little Jewish girl whose family celebrates Passover, I didn’t get to indulge in my neighborhood friends’ Easter candy. When they shared the non-Kosher spoils of their overflowing baskets, I would dutifully bring it to my mom who would save it for me until Passover ended, and instead give me a kosher-for-Passover chocolate lollipop in the shape of a Torah, or Bazooka Joe/Jew Gum.

As an adult, I’ve shaken loose from the rigidity of eating restrictions. In college my roommate introduced me to Cadbury Creme Eggs and life as I knew it changed forever. The chocolate shell burst to reveal an unidentifiable, but also insanely delicious, filling of sugar madness. Instead of ramps and soft shells and asparagus as harbingers of spring, the arrival of Cadbury Creme Eggs at CVS signified warmer days, and the end of a school year.

In Purcellville, Petite LouLou honors the Cadbury Creme Egg by stuffing it inside of a croissant ($5). I can’t think of a more lovely reward for surviving winter.

Even as I head home to New Jersey this weekend to share a Seder with my family, I still can’t wait to walk across the street, and hope my childhood friend’s daughter will share with me her Cadbury Creme Egg. Maybe I’ll let my daughter sneak a bite, too.

News, events, etc.

Nine-year-old craft beer bar Meridian Pint, famous for its table taps, is moving from DC’s Columbia Heights to Arlington. [Popville]

Bonchon releases the first new flavor in 17 years: sweet crunch. Plus, there are plans for new locations in Gainesville and Alexandria by this summer. [Bonchon]

Sweetgreen is in the news this week: on the cover of Inc. for a story about sustainability and a hit piece about cultural appropriation and the fact that 95% of its shops are in majority white neighborhoods. [Inc., The Nation]

Neapolitan pizzeria Pupatella will open two new locations: Arlington (this summer) and Reston (next year). [Eater]

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