Osteria Marzano

This Franconia dining spot offers a delectable Nutella-slathered pizza.

By Stefanie Gans


Osteria Marzano
Avoiding the Mixing Bowl is normally priority number one in this horrifying environment of 24-hour traffic. But imagine—through brake lights, in-between-NPR-story instrumentals and re-routing GPS directions—a slathering of Nutella. It is warmed, melting into a soft crust. Bright green pops through the hazelnut choclatey spread as chopped pistachios bring a saltiness and snap. Floating atop, a layer of singed marshmallows, looking so dreamy a Care Bear could call this layer of clouds home. This is a showstopper dessert. It is not fancy. It’s not even original. But it is a fun eat. And that matters.

The rest of the menu at Osteria Marzano, opened this June, plays up the comforts of Italian-inspired food. There’s a housemade pasta with a cream sauce made brothy from mushrooms and a pizza that plays to the brunch crowd with softened, chunky potatoes, thick-cut bacon and a fried egg. Sitting in an office park near the Metro, in an area that could use a new place to eat and with a modern interior and comfortable food, Marzano is worth a try. But mostly, save room for dessert.
6361 Walker Lane, Suite 140; Alexandria; osteriamarzano.com

(October 2013)