Review: Northside 10 in Alexandria

The loaded double-meat burger is legit.

Northside 10
Photo by Rey Lopez
This week, we’re looking at new burger places in Northern Virginia. Check back daily for reviews of all five of our favorites.

Northside 10’s Rue Burger: housemade pastrami, sauerkraut, Gruyere cheese and housemade Russian dressing // $15, comes with fries

Though Northside 10 is less than 6 months old, the restaurant and bar already exude that intangible lived-in quality. It sits in between the swell of retail in downtown Del Ray and the shops lining Route 1 and fills the needs of families and barflies alike. And the loaded double-meat burger is legit.

Though its name sounds like it has French influences, the Rue Burger can thank the deli counter for its inspiration. Housemade pastrami—short rib brined for two days, smoked for three hours and cooked sous vide for 40 hours—tops an 8-ounce loosely hand-formed patty. The pastrami is smoky and juicy in its own right and works well over the charred pink beef. The two combine for an overt meatiness; melty Gruyere, Pennsylvania Dutch-style sauerkraut, housemade Russian dressing and what chef Teresa Keefer, the executive chef of Northside 10 and sister restaurant Southside 815, dubs state fair pickles—crunchier and less sweet than bread and butter—are supporting characters to the thoughtful creation. // 10 E. Glebe Road, Alexandria

(July 2017 Burger Season)