50 Best Restaurants 2017: Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant

An Ethiopian restaurant in Herndon

Photo by Stefanie Gans

In a bright orange room, the meal ended with the richest, thickest, loveliest latte. Sips were interrupted by dipping a refreshingly not-too-dry biscotti in the long, curved glass mug. Before that: nutty baklava soaked in a sweet syrup.

Baklava at an Ethiopian restaurant? “This is what we eat,” says owner and Ethiopian native Eskinder Kifetew.

Before dessert, we supped on more recognizably Ethiopian dishes: spicy bits of awaze beef tibs; pull-apart chicken drumsticks hiding under a mahogany cloak of berbere, ginger and cardamom; tomatoey and smooth shiro (chickpea puree); and misir wot, lentils with a lurking smokiness. Clusters of Ethiopian restaurants may gather where Alexandria meets Annandale and along Ninth Street in D.C., but Herndon makes a case for a drive for injera.

Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant
Ethiopian | $$
275 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon

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