50 Best Restaurants 2017: Girasole

An Italian restaurant in The Plains

Yes, that’s Robert Duvall in this hunt country restaurant. But don’t let it distract from the simplicity of Girasole. Dishes are expensive (see: Hollywood royalty and horse owners can afford to eat here) and especially seem so because of its minimalism. But like great style, it’s about restraint and quality. There are four fried squash and blossoms stuffed with ricotta, light but rich. That’s all there is on the plate. Pasta is handmade here and lightly adorned with sauces more resembling broth than a cloaking cream sauce. Dining in Girasole feels anachronistic, with its ’80s-color decor and dessert tray, but the seasonal menu and Italian sensibility place it right in line with now.

MISC: It’s worth listening to the long list of daily specials; the printed menu never changes.

Italian | $$$
4244 Loudoun Ave., The Plains

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