50 Best Restaurants 2017: Marib

A Yemeni restaurant in Springfield

Photo by Stefanie Gans

The soulful, homey cooking of Marib is evident everywhere: the lusty lamb, mingling with onions over a light and airy hummus that’s miles away from store-bought atrocities; the lentil soup, thick with tomatoes and heavy on the all-healing turmeric; and even scrambled eggs, mixed with tomatoes and onions, that show the appeal of a simple dish.
The mostly family-style menu allows for easy over-ordering. Fahsa is a good idea: Shredded lamb crowds a salty broth in a reverse-ratio of meat to soup. It arrives sizzling and is just as good as the show it puts on. It’s served with zahawiq, a Yemeni chutney, and the strong, bitter, almost vegetal condiment turns this savory dish into something arresting.

Susi is the Yemeni version of French toast, and it’s served casserole-style and is savory not sweet. But let the server bring you honey and it’s just the right dessert.

Yemeni | $$
6981 Hechinger Drive, Springfield

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