50 Best Restaurants 2017: Peter Chang

A Chinese restaurant in Arlington and Fredericksburg

Spicy Tofu Skins
Photo by Jonathan Timmes

The region’s most celebrated Chinese cook is still growing his empire, with his latest in Bethesda: Q by Peter Chang, his 10th and most ambitious project. But the food is still plenty worthy in Arlington and Fredericksburg, his two Northern Virginia locations with a more casual setting. Tofu skin slicked in a fiery chili oil is still the best way to pretend to eat spicy noodles. Cumin-y fried fish decorated in cilantro and dried chilies and served in a cornucopia-like netting is why frying was invented. There’s so much to try that isn’t General Tso and lo mein. Rice flour steamed ribs are sticky and sweet and covered in what looks like inflated quinoa that completely envelops the fatty rib meat. That description might not make sense, and the dish is equally as puzzling to those new to Chang’s interpretation of his country’s cooking. It’s worth a taste.

MISC: Also order shrimp dumplings and stir-fried shredded duck.

Peter Chang
Chinese | $$
2503-E N. Harrison St., Arlington
1771 Carl D. Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg

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