50 Best Restaurants 2017: SER

A Spanish restaurant in Arlington

Photo by Rey Lopez

Half a dozen or so squid stand in formation, tall and upright, next to a sauce whooshing across the plate like a shooting star made of their own ink. Not only is it a striking sight, with springy green lima beans scattered around the plate, but it’s also straightforward; the salty, briny fishiness comes through without much muddling. Earlier: papas bravas, giant cubes of crispy potatoes with a cushy center sprayed with a spicy tomato sauce and a creamy aioli, and an appropriately garlicky plate of shrimp pooled in red pepper-flecked oil, a classic Spanish dish done proud.

SER is one of the prettiest dining rooms, all windows with golden yellow accents and ocean blue tumblers for water. Even more precious: Sangria arrives in a glass with a select few pieces of fruit and, like milkshakes at the best diners, served with leftover liquid, but in this case, in an individual-sized swing-top glass bottle.

Spanish | $$$
1110 N. Glebe Road, Arlington

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