50 Best Restaurants: Head to Four Seasons for Vietnamese cuisine

With pure pho, wonton soup and tofu manipulation, Four Seasons stands out in the cultural hub of Falls Church.

pho noodles
Photo by Stefanie Gans

By Stefanie Gans and Rina Rapuano

Four Seasons

Falls Church | Vietnamese | $$

As the Eden Center, the Vietnamese-dominated cultural hub for food, drink and shopping, continues featuring spots for Korean, Bolivian and hot pot, it’s good to know Four Seasons provides pho. This pho is a chicken noodle soup, warm broth, salty and bright, packed with noodles and slivers of chicken. It’s not cluttered with a lot of extras and garnishes, a straightforward bowl for a purist. There’s another soup filled with wontons that is somehow so good it’s buttery. There is a dish featuring cubes of tofu, crispy in a way that the exterior seemingly crystallizes into something snappy, while leaving the insides creamy. This is a display of dazzling tofu manipulation, and it’s why Four Seasons can charge nearly $20 for a plate of sauteed snow pea leaves. It knows what it’s doing. // 6767 Wilson Blvd., Falls Church

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