50 Best Restaurants: There’s more to The Wine Kitchen than the grapes

With local vintages and locally grown vegetables, The Wine Kitchen stays close to its Leesburg roots.

hand over table of food
Starters include a goat cheese fritter, beer cheese made with neighbor Black Hoof’s suds and pickled produce. (Photo by Rey Lopez)

By Stefanie Gans and Rina Rapuano

The Wine Kitchen

Leesburg | Modern American | $$$

Leesburg is where downtown and farmland touch. It’s where farm-to-table dining is not just a cliche, but where guests can catch people donned in farm name-emblazoned shirts dropping off actual, local produce. And it’s not just for show, it’s displayed throughout a menu changing with the micro-seasons: an artful splash of springy English pea ravioli with magenta-hued beet sauce; summery tomato salad stacked with marinated red peppers and torn burrata; and a good-any-time gnocchi flush with scrubbed carrots (only fresh carrots are good enough to keep the peels on) mingling with a savory bites of slow-cooked lamb infused with harissa. As it says in the name, wine is a specialty, with loads of options by the glass, plus a handful of Virginia producers. Selling local grapes, of course, is just another extension of showing off Leesburg’s link to the land. // 7 S. King St., Leesburg

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