50 Best Restaurants: Rangoli is wonderfully spiced and reliably excellent

Sure, this Manassas-based Indian restaurant offers a $12 lunch buffet, but it also satisfies with specialized, well-seasoned entrees at dinner, too

Photo by Rey Lopez

By Stefanie Gans and Rina Rapuano


Manassas | Indian | $$

If you’re craving a run-of-the-mill Indian lunch buffet, Rangoli can fulfill your cravings for $12 on weekdays. But if you’re interested in Indian dishes that are expertly cooked, wonderfully spiced and reliably excellent … well, Rangoli fits that bill, too. When hoping to order off the menu during lunchtime, call ahead to make sure the kitchen isn’t too slammed to accommodate. Even when they are too busy, a kind server can be cajoled into asking the chef if it’s OK—and you’ll likely be rewarded. Order the chicken chettinad, a South Indian dish made fiery from an alluring black pepper curry; the soft, spicy patty on a bun known as the Bombay burger; or juicy, bright saffron shrimp pulled out of the tandoor at just the right moment. Veg lovers will want to try the pureed smoky eggplant or the gigantic dosa filled with flavor-packed potatoes and onions. // 10223 Nokesville Road, Manassas

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