Sip your way to less stress

As three Reston-based brothers found out, nutrition is a key factor in eliminating the silent killer.

Photo courtesy of vendor

Reston-based D’Andrea brothers, Christian, Mark and Paul, quickly discovered a need for stress relief among working Americans when they left college.

While filming a documentary about the U.S. Army, they found that the soldiers’ nutrition bars were loaded with cholesterol-raising trans-fat. On a mission to create a better bar for the troops, the brothers came across a new discovery: proper nutrition was not only great for your body, but could alleviate cognitive stress.

After extensive research and careful testing, Stress Killer was born.

Stress Killer is a drink mix loaded with healthy doses of tyrosine and theanine, nutrients that work together to reduce work-related stress and boost creativity. Stress Killer’s claim to fame is their scientific, innovative formula that, unlike other stress relievers, reduces anxiety without inducing drowsiness. By relaxing the part of your mind that manages stress, Stress Killer founders argue you’ll be better able to focus on one task at a time, completing your daily tasks more efficiently and increasing productivity at work.

(December 2017)