Try life as a vegan

KK Brady, co-owner of Leesburg’s Cowbell Kitchen, talks about what to expect when switching over to a vegan diet.

Photo by KK Brady

KK Brady co-owns Cowbell Kitchen, a Leesburg purveyor of plant-based food. About four years ago, she experimented with veganism and her body promptly thanked her. Today, she shares plant-based recipes on Instagram (@theguacwardkael), and is more adventurous in the kitchen, adding that her diet “contributes directly” to her well-being.

How does one get started with veganism?

Understand what your body needs to succeed and surround yourself with like-minded people. I feel lucky to work in an environment with fruits and veggies at my fingertips. Farmers markets have given me a sense of connection and community with local farmers and producers. I also recommend adopting a routine during the first few weeks. I was in soccer training; I was in a very motivated, routine-based mental state, which greatly contributed to a successful diet change.

What results should you see in the first month?

Being that it’s a lifestyle change, results will be different for everyone. I immediately had a clearer mind and a bigger appetite—I eat a lot. I also realized that dairy products don’t agree with me. The first month should be a time to learn how to correctly nourish your body. Keep note of how certain foods make you feel, cook new foods and go to farmers markets.

(February 2018)