Resistance bands bring fitness into focus

Buy local when looking for this trendy, stretchy equipment.

Photo courtesy of WODFitters

Inspired by CrossFit workouts, NoVA resident and business owner Katalin Cseke has been selling fitness equipment since 2013. Her online store, WODFitters, provides quality equipment for athletes of all levels.

Like anyone reveling in the magic of New Year’s resolutions, Cseke has her own fitness transformation story. Overweight and depressed, she knew she had to turn her life around and began taking classes at her local CrossFit. Hoping to help others in her position as well as those who already love the gym, she prides herself on providing functional equipment.

The resistance loop band forms the essential home-gym equipment repertoire. Resistance loop bands target specific muscles, including strengthening the legs, hips and glutes. The WODFitters online store features free workout ideas to get you using the equipment that you have purchased, including seven exercises designed for the resistance loop bands.

(January 2018)