Managing and preventing a UTI just got easier

UTI Tracker makes it easy to note symptoms and avoid future infections.

©Stanisic Vladimir / stock.adobe.com (phone); Photo courtesy of UTI TRACKER

Dr. Dana Rice, a urologist at Inova Fairfax Hospital, has developed a phone app called UTI Tracker for women and men who experience bladder pain and problematic urinary symptoms, including urinary tract infections.

The app features weekly tips and personal advice based on algorithms that track UTI symptoms; a log to keep track of liquids consumed; and a timer to remind you to empty your bladder the recommended two to three hours. The app also provides weekly tips for maintaining urinary health and preventing UTIs.

Dr. Rice explains that we need to be in-tune with our body and symptoms, paying close attention to our bladders. Typical warning signs of complications include cramping below the stomach, burning sensations while urinating, constantly having an urge to urinate or not being able to urinate.

“Issues never arise during the 9-5 work week.” Rice says, “The app is designed to track symptoms and coordinate care between physicians and patients.” // Available on iTunes and Google Play

(February 2018)

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