Athos Base Series

A new line of smart activewear let’s you track your workout sans electrodes.

By Katie Bowles

Athos Base Series
Photo courtesy of Athos.

Fitness buffs know that to fully optimize a workout, you have to track muscle activity. Presently, the only way to do that is by making an appointment with a specialized doctor, being hooked up to electrode sensors à la Ivan Drago and enduring being watched during your workout. Sound like fun? (Hint: it’s not).

Silicon Valley-based startup Athos plans to change all that with its new line of activewear, featuring sensor “Cores” in designated regions of high-performance base layer shirts and shorts. The sensor cores promise to record muscle activity, heart rate, breathing rate, reps and form, among other features, helping gym rats both record workout results in the same way that a trainer would and also preventing injury by optimizing muscle group-usage.

The almost $300 price tag per item is a bit steep, but hey—so are personal trainers. Learn more and pre-order your own shirt or pair of shorts here.