Grab this above-average golf equipment to get a lower par

Up your game with highly rated clubs, tees, gloves, balls and bags recommended by experts and players from around the world.

Nike Vapor Pro
Photo courtesy of Nike

By Cameron Wall

While nothing will take the place of practice time on the green, these game-improving products come highly recommended from the masters you’ve watched in championship tournaments.

Callaway Great Big BerthaWith power, aim and a simple-to-adjust weight, this driver is perfect for long, straight shots with great accuracy.

Cobra King F6The Cobra King F6 is a well-balanced and accurate hybrid with immense possibilities for adjusting with three standard lofts adjustable eight different ways.

Nike Vapor Fly ProThis is a lightweight power-hitter of an iron with minimal dig despite a bigger head. 

Mizuno S5This wedge boasts great control and a nice feel plus versatile loft-specific grooves.

Zero Friction Tour 3-ProngThese unique, environmentally friendly tees have been involved in scores of PGA victories.

Intech Six-Pack Ti-Cabretta Men’s GlovePraised despite its high price, this glove offers durability, comfort and flexibility. It’s a must-have for serious golfers and doesn’t need to be replaced often.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsFor even casual golfers, this brand is likely familiar, and the certifiable classic has plans to release new versions in 2017.

Sun Mountain Golf Sync Cart BagA versatile bag with myriad pockets, everything will be neatly organized and protected resting on the cart throughout the 18.

OGIO Golf Men’s Grom Stand BagHigh quality with 14 pockets, this bag will keep all of your clubs sturdy and safe.

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