Coffee and the art of bicycle maintenance

Before you hit the road, find your nearby network of cyclists.

Photo courtesy of Blas/Adobe Stock

What’s the first thing a cycling novice should do? “Find a shop that they trust and develop a relationship with that shop,” says Nicole Davison of Purcellville’s Bicycles and Coffee. Though anyone can purchase a new set of wheels on Amazon, Davison points out the advantage of finding a brick-and-mortar shop to call on for advice and serve as an entry point into local cycling communities, such as Bike Loudoun. Bicycles and Coffee (two items that are ideal for an energizing morning) sells four categories of bikes: mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids and gravel road bikes, which Davison says are especially popular in Loudoun County, known as the “gravel headquarters.” Be sure you know your intended terrain when selecting a new bike, and take some time to get acquainted with your new mode of transport, Davison says. “Ride often because practice really does make perfect.”

(July 2017 Outdoor Fun Guide)