11 podcasts to tune in to for healthier living

Health and exercise experts put their knowledge forward in podcasts you can listen to anywhere.

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Making the decision to be healthier or to get more exercise is always step one. But anyone who takes that step learns it’s not always easy to know what’s best when it comes to fitness—sometimes support is needed.

Thankfully, help is right at your fingertips. Health and fitness are popular topics for podcasts that cover a range of areas to help you start living healthier. Here are just a few examples of what’s available to listen to.

Balanced Bites
Holistic nutritionists and best-selling authors Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe give their approach to healthy living through a modern and practical approach to real food nutrition, as well as discussing lifestyle topics, all with their own fun and humorous banter.

Recent Episode: “Personal Training & Setting Yourself Up for Success in the Gym with Nick Briney”

The BodyLove Project
The stereotypical ideal of health are skinny, toned people, but The BodyLove Project podcast wants people to know that they can be healthy at every size and that things like body positivity can be just as beneficial for having a healthy lifestyle.

Recent Episode: “Redefining Success in Fitness with Sadie Lincoln”

The Dumbbells
Laughter is its own form of exercise, so the hosting duo of comedians Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger have you covered on that front, with tips on more traditional forms of exercise, eating clean and how to maximize your life around those goals.

Recent Episode: “Holiday Hangover”

Food Heaven
Best friends and registered dietitians Wendy and Jess talk all things food, health and nutrition in their weekly podcast. Using their own experience and knowledge, as well as doing interviews with other nutrition experts, each episode helps explain how to best cultivate a healthy life that you love.

Recent Episode: “Celebrating Food w/Mississippi Vegan”

Food Psych
Calling out the diet culture is at the heart of this podcast with Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN. Harrison talks with her guests about promoting the body-positive movement and challenges the ways diets can negatively impact people.

Recent Episode: “How to ‘Just Eat It’ and Break Free from Diet Culture with Laura Thomas”

Found My Fitness
Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D. in biomedical science, takes a biological look at the mission of being healthy, promoting strategies with the goal of increasing health span, well-being and cognitive and physical performance.

Recent Episode: “Fasting: Q&A with Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Mike Maser”

The Jillian Michaels Show
Best known as one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels heads from TV to the podcast space as she gives her tips and insight into being healthy and happy in all areas of your life.

Recent Episode: “Top Fitness Hacks for your 2019 Workout Regimen”

Keto Answers Podcast
The Keto diet is growing in popularity, and Dr. Anthony Gustin has you covered on the ins and outs of the ketogenic diet, as well as other areas like weight loss, intermittent fasting and basic nutrition.

Recent Episode: “David Goggins—Overcoming Obstacles, Changing Your Mindset and How to Break Free From Your Comfort Zone”

Move Your DNA
Sometimes being healthy is just about getting up and moving. That’s the main message from biochemist and author Katy Bowman, who is a big proponent of the movement focus, which emphasizes that movement helps shape our bodies and shape of our life.

Recent Episode: “Taking a Breath(er)”

The Nutrition Diva
Author Monica Reinagel sorts out truth from myth about foods and eating habits to make you as knowledgeable as possible and take the stress out of eating in these short (less than 20 minutes) episodes.

Recent Episode: “3 Myths (and 1 Truth) About Grain-Fed Beef”

TEDTalks Health
TEDTalks bring together leaders in their respective fields talking about the latest technologies and research. This podcast gathers TEDTalks from doctors and researchers at recent TED events that focus specifically on medical breakthroughs and smart daily health habits.

Recent Episode: “What Americans Agree on When it Comes to Health”

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