Are you tough enough for a SEAL Extreme fitness class?

The weekly workout held at Tysons Sport & Health Club and Gym is based on the Navy SEAL’s underwater training program.

Photo courtesy of SEAL Extreme

It’s not a secret that Navy SEAL(s) are in extremely good shape, but do you think you can keep up with their type of workouts?

SEAL Extreme, a weekly class at Tysons Sport & Health Club and Gym, is based on the Navy’s underwater training program, focusing on using the natural force of water and oxygen deprivation to burn calories.

Participants burn anywhere between 450 to 600 calories during the one-hour class, according to SEAL Extreme. The class is an underwater, high-intensity interval training program, designed to have lower rates of impact than workouts done on dry land, and is completed in the 25-meter swimming pool at Tysons Sport & Health.

Class-goers enter the pool with water shoes and extra-large T-shirts tor traction and extra resistance, before starting the class. It doesn’t require any swimming, but instead, participants run sprints in the pool, do underwater crawls with dumbbells and do sit-ups and shoulder presses while hanging on the edge of the pool, among other exercises.

The class takes place every Monday at 6 a.m. For more information, visit // Tysons Sport & Health Club and Gym: 8250 Greensboro Drive, McLean; Contact directly for pricing of classes

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