5 unique workouts in the DMV you’ve probably never heard of

From aqua-cycling to Kangoo Jumps, these aren’t your average gym classes. Here’s where to try them in 2020.

woman on stationary bike in pool with water
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New Year’s resolutions aside, there’s going to come a time in 2020 that you decide you’re bored of your workout. 

Maybe it’s too mundane, maybe you’re just no longer getting the results you were looking for. Whatever it may be, there are plenty of other options to try, including these five across the region. These high-energy and creative classes will have you exercising all year long. 

Chakaboom Fitness
Remember rollerblading? Well, forget the wheels and snap on Kangoo Jumps instead for this high-energy, low-impact workout. You’ll be going nowhere but up as you bounce your way through the class of marching, arm movements and full-body exercises on elevated (and yes, bouncy) shoes that will get your heart rate up and your legs toned in no time. Plus, the location adds in bar and toning classes (not on the Kangoo Jumps), and general Chakaboom dance classes to keep you moving and grooving! // Chakaboom Fitness: 6300 Beulah St., Franconia; $13.36 per Kangoo Jumps class, class passes available from $33

Maybe your favorite workout at the gym is Zumba class, you’re starting to no feel the rhythm the same way as when you started. Well, time to add in your own rhythm by trying the local POUND classes. Attendees will get two drumsticks to bang on the ground, hold during core movements and stretch during warm-ups and cool-downs. If you thought moving to the beat was hard, try making that rhythm yourself, and challenging your muscles while you’re at it. // Various locations across the DMV, check here for local listings; Class prices vary

Aerial Yoga
There are more than a dozen yoga classes to try locally, whether there are kittens running around and hanging out on your mat, drinks offered after class, or other workouts mixed in the practice. But if you’re truly looking to improve your balance, flexibility and sense of relaxation, try aerial yoga. The classes, which involve participants doing poses on the ground, with the assistance of long, weight-bearing silks, also will have you suspended in the air and amazed at what your body can do. Don’t think twisting and wrapping your way up a silk is your cup of tea? Just try savasana, but weightlessly suspended in the hammock of the cloth. // Multiple locations across the region, including Spark Yoga, Shakti Aerial Yoga and more; Class prices vary

Sure, certain CrossFit workouts incorporate gymnastics … but what about actually flying, flipping and balancing your way through a workout? At Trapeze School New York in Washington, DC, class participants can expect to strengthen and condition their muscles, gain more body awareness, combat their fears and expand their belief that their body can do more than they’ve ever imagined, just by embracing this circus-inspired workout. Use your own body weight to climb and suspend from the ropes, balance on bars and bounce on the trampoline. It’s a workout you might just want to swing back to over and over again. // Trapeze School New York, Washington, DC: 520 Tingey St. SE, Washington, DC; Class prices start at $40

Think of the hot summer days and get excited for this class (it won’t make its local comeback until temperatures rise again). Your weekly spin class just got harder and even more fun. At Splash Cycle, stationary bikes are placed in the pool, where attendees spin, dance and splash their way through a workout that will have your legs working with the push of a pedal. The best part? You’ll stay cool in the water, even when the sun is burning bright over the DMV once again. // Crystal Square: 1515 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington; $28 per class

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