Symptoms of systemic health care problems being addressed by partnerships

© Robert Kneschke,

1. Education not keeping pace with the challenges of health care because of fragmented, outdated and static curricula that produce ill-equipped graduates.

2. A mismatch of competencies to patient and population needs.

3. Poor teamwork.

4. Persistent gender stratification of professional status.

5. Narrow technical focus without broader contextual understanding.

6. Episodic encounters rather than continuous care.

7. Predominant hospital orientation at the expense of primary care.

8. Quantitative and qualitative imbalances in the professional labor market.

9. Weak leadership to improve health system performance.

10. A need to redesign professional health education in view of opportunities for mutual learning and joint solutions offered by global interdependence due to the acceleration of flows of knowledge, technologies and financing.

(August 2018)

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