Virginia Hospital Center providing financial assistance to furloughed workers

As the partial government shutdown continues, VHC establishes financial program for federal employees.

Virginia Hospital Center, a community-based hospital in Arlington, recently announced it is providing financial assistance for medical care to furloughed workers during the government shutdown.

The month-long shutdown, is causing economic hardship for furloughed employees. VHC’s Financial Assistance Policy facilitates financial assistance to all qualified patients for eligible services.

“We at Virginia Hospital Center know that this is a very difficult time for people impacted by the shutdown,” said James B. Cole, president and CEO of VHC, in a press release. Postponing or avoiding medical services can have a serious effect on one’s health, and we want to ensure that furloughed government workers know that VHC stands ready to serve their healthcare needs and provide assistance though the Financial Assistance Policy.”

Furloughed government workers who anticipate challenges in paying their health care bills should contact the center’s financial counseling department at 703-558-2492 to arrange a manageable payment plan.

For more information, visit virginiahospitalcenter.com/fap.

Virginia Hospital Center Business Office: 601 S., Carlin Springs Road, Arlington

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