What is reiki and where can you find it in NoVA?

This alternative healing method is trending in the wellness world. Here, we share where to experience it in Northern Virginia.

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In the past decade, the discussion of alternative health practices (with things like healing crystals, acupuncture and homeopathy) has continued to grow, leaving people both interested, yet confused. And perhaps one of the most popular practices is reiki, a form of energy therapy that emerged in Japan thousands of years ago. 

Reiki, which translates to “universal life energy,” activates the parasympathetic nervous system to heal the body and mind, serving as a complementary therapy to other practices and medicine, according to an article published in 2017 by the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine

People who offer reiki treatment are known as “reiki masters,” and are certified to practice the alternative method, which is a noninvasive technique, costing anywhere from $20 to $200 in most cases. According to the Center for Young Women’s Health at Boston Children’s Hospital, a reiki practice can leave individuals feeling comfortable and warm, emotional, calm and relaxed, ultimately uplifting one’s overall energy. 

Whether you are feeling joint pain, high levels of stress or simply want to understand the hype surrounding the concept, here’s where you can try reiki for yourself in Northern Virginia. 

Reiki Sanctuary of Northern Virginia
Yvonne Gleason, owner and certified reiki professional, has been guiding women in the Reston area who are either at a crossroads in life or are experiencing change with her reiki practices for about 20 years. In addition to traditional reiki treatments, Gleason provides aura clearing sessions to block long-standing issues, healing sessions for balance and even distance reiki treatments, which are conducted over the phone, for both you and your pet. // Contact directly

Reston Reiki and Self Healing Arts
From classes to individual sessions, Karuna Joy practices “self-healing arts,” according to her website, including reiki. Joy ensures the client is comfortable by using non-invasive techniques and a gentle touch to sooth all forms of pain you may be feeling, ranging from anxiety to body aches. // Sunrise Valley Drive and Barton Hill Road, Reston; prices vary

PS Reiki
After years of undergoing reiki treatments herself due to anxiety, fatigue and depression, now-reiki master Pratima decided to pursue her desire to assist others with their journey of healing. At PS Reiki, clients can choose from four options of sessions, ranging from a 90-minute experience for first-timers focusing on chakra balance to a 45-minute session for children. // 44927 George Washington Blvd., Suite 210, Ashburn; prices vary

Four Directions Wellness
At Four Directions Wellness, the client will receive a holistic treatment, focusing on four aspects of the individual: emotions, mental environment, inspirations and passions, and physical health. Mara, the owner and reiki master of the practice, believes reiki is an ideal complement to health problems you may be facing, as each session is said to promote a person’s natural healing process. // 2001 Mount Vernon Ave., Unit 202, Alexandria; $110 for one session, $295 for three sessions

Medium Annie Larson
In 25-minute sessions, you’ll be given the chance to relax in a safe space, whether that be over the phone while in your home or in person in owner Annie Larson’s studio. Plus, Larson offers a reiki experience combined with the use of vibrational sound tools, that is said to bring more balance to your body and mind. // 44330 Mercure Circle, Suite 240A, Sterling; $90-$180

Healing Hearts With Reiki
After finding the art of reiki, Bekah Weiderman felt immediate relief from her chronic illness that once disrupted her daily routine. As a result, she founded Healing Hearts With Reiki in order to bring relief to others. Weiderman offers a variety of reiki sessions, all of which promise to be a safe method worth implementing into your wellness practice. // 44081 Pipeline Plaza, Suite 105, Ashburn; $115-$235

Mindful Soul Wellness
While energy healing through reiki is the main focus of this business, owner Tracy McKee has degrees in religious studies, elementary education and is also certified as a soul coach, vibrational sound therapist, past life regression therapist and hypnotist. Through the use of specific hand positions at key areas of pain in the body, McKee says she can empower your own energy for healing. // 9113 Church St., Suite 101, Manassas; $100-$150

Your Life Energy
This establishment prides itself on the staff’s ability to teach clients about their own bodies and best practices for well-being. At Your Life Energy, you’ll find small-group sessions for meditation, reiki and yoga that help calm the mind, as well as individual reiki sessions that range from 60 to 90 minutes in length. // 705 Prince St., Suite 100, Alexandria; $75

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