5 Decorative Throw Blankets to Keep Warm with

After soldiering through the vicious cold weather of the week, why not wrap up with something that will protect you from the chill.

By Janee Williams

It’s freezing out there. This by far is one of the coldest winters we have had and it seems nearly impossible to stay warm. After soldiering through the frigid weather of the week with the endless errand running and long commutes to work, why not wrap up with something that will protect you from the chill.

But instead of dragging the bulbous bed comforter around the house like an anchor, throw blankets are just the thing to beat back the cold. Not only will these look nice laid across your bed, they will also keep you warm when the day gets a little too arctic for your liking.

Here are our picks for five fashionable blankets to have in your home:


Photo courtesy of modellicreations.com.

Vintage Kantha Throws: Keep warm and brighten up any room within your house with these Vintage throws. This unique handcrafted Indian throw is created from recycled saris and textiles, catching everybody’s attention with its vibrant colors and designs.


Photo courtesy of kohls.com.

Biddeford Zebra Plush Heated Electric Throw: Get in touch with your animal side with this funky throw. Not only can you wrap it around your body to keep you warm it is electrically-heated just in case you need a little more heat to get you through the night. It has a great design to make any room in your house creative and it is guaranteed to keep you warm.


Photo courtesy of llbean.com.

Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket:  Let it light up your home by adding a splash of color to any room. This throw is guaranteed to keep you warm. It is windproof, water repellent and it is made with 100 percent virgin cotton.


Photo courtesy of Bedford Cottage.

Luxe Rose Petal Throw:  This polyester throw is super soft and designed keep you warm throughout the day. Made by Bedford Cottage, this blanket epitomizes the brand’s modern design, but retains the softness of a bed of roses.


Photo courtesy of Valerianne of Vienna

Valerianne: Keep warm with these great throws, made from soft organic yarns and Alpaca. Alpaca is one of the warmest fabrics out there. It is insulated to keep you warm in the winter and is very breathable to keep you cool when the days start to warm up.  Grab this throw, snuggle next to a fireplace and keep the nippy weather away.