Great Accessories for your Bathroom

Dress it up with some great bathroom accessories that will make your guests feel at home and comfortable.

By Janee Williams

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Bathrooms are often the most overlooked room in the house when it comes to decor. Their sparseness can be off-putting, cold and either too bright or too dark.

This small room is supposed to be welcoming and perhaps among the best presented rooms in your home when entertaining.

Don’t let your bathroom scare your guests. Dress it up with some great bathroom accessories that will make your guests feel at home and comfortable. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be dark and scary, it can be bright and inviting. You want your guest to feel like they have everything they need around them.

Here are our picks for must have bath accessories for you and your guests to enjoy:


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Toilet cover and rugs: Make your guests feel right at home with these matching rugs and seat covers. Dress up the porcelain throne to look less cold. Croft and Barrow Solid Bath Rugs, $7.99 – 45.99.


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Decorative Towels: Add some color and creativity to your walls with these towels. Pick hand towels that will color coordinate with your other bathroom accessories to really bring your bathroom together. Not only will your guests not feel like they’re in a dungeon, but they will be in awe of your awesome taste in bathroom decor. Popular Bath Contempo 3-pc. Bath Towel Set, $74.99.


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Soap dish and Lotion Dispenser: Give your guests the option to moisturize their hands after they have washed them. But don’t just have the soap and lotion thrown on the sink any kind of way. Dress it up. Present it beautifully in a nice soap dish and lotion dispenser that says: ‘Try me, I smell great.”

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Shower Curtain: Don’t just leave your tub open for all to see. Decorate it with a beautiful shower curtain that accents your other bathroom accessories.

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Toilet Paper Holder: Just because toilet paper is in the bathroom doesn’t mean it has to be displayed in a boring way. Give it a place to make itself known. Deluxe Pedastol Satin Nickel Toilet Paper Holder, $24.99.


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Tissue Covers: It’s great to have tissues in a bathroom. Make your tissues creative by presenting them in a nice tissue cover.  Your guests will appreciate the gesture. Delta Tissue Cover, $8.


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Incents and Candles: Keep your bathrooms smelling nice with some scented candles, incense or wall scents. Your guest will smell a field of flowers.