Dog-Friendly Home Décor

Modern dog décor can not only make your dog happy, but bring great accents to your home.

By Taylor Ness

It’s time to face the facts: dogs are dirty. And no, their mouths aren’t cleaner than humans either. But must we subject our homes to the drab items our dogs need? Not anymore.

It’s time to throw away Fido’s ripped apart dog bed, his sticky food bowls and bring some style to dog décor. Now, we’re not saying to start carrying your dog in a tote, or purchase the latest dog coat, but a clean dog couch would be nice.

By sticking with simple décor pieces in muted colors, dog items can not only blend in with a room, but act as a trendy accent.  These pieces fit perfectly in a modern home, bringing comfort to not just your dog, but to you.



Libro Double Diner
Libro Double Diner. Photo courtesy of tails in the city.

Similar to us, dogs have basic needs like food and water. Not so similar to us, they tend to eat on the floor. Just because these items sit in the corner of your kitchen doesn’t mean they should be forgotten. We picked tails in the city’s ‘Libro Double Diner” bowls.




Lucky Pet Bed
Lucky Pet Bed. Photo courtesy of Frontgate.

Most house dogs spend the majority of their time sleeping. What a life. But unfortunately for them, they’re usually subjected to doing this on the floor. If you’re not one to invite your dog into your bed after a long day, and if you do we’re not judging, there are a variety of dog beds to choose from. Frontgate’s Lucky Pet Bed will leave your pup feeling like a prince.


Living room


Luxury Corner Dog Bed
Luxury Corner Dog Bed. Photo courtesy of

Whether you’re watching your favorite show, a new movie or just sitting by the fireplace, your dog is probably next to you. Rather than inviting him onto the couch, get him a couch of his own. The Grand in road Luxury Corner Dog Bed looks good enough to be mistaken for your own love seat.



Precision Pet Outback Country Lodges
Precision Pet Outback Country Lodges available on Photo courtesy of Petco.

It may not be warm out yet but spring is on its way. And so is the heat. Don’t let your dog swelter in his fur coat, and save yourself from hours of panting. A simple dog house like PetCo’s Precision Pet Outback Country Lodge not only saves your dog from the heat, but gives him a trendy house of his own.



Pet Dreams Personalized Crateware Set
Pet Dreams Personalized Crateware Set. Photo courtesy of

Whether you have a not yet house-broken puppy or just prefer to crate your dog, the metal bars can seem harsh. So if you choose to keep the crate, make it a part of your home. Pet DreamsPersonalized Crateware Set softens not only the appearance of the crate, but adds comfort to the inside.